1. Ken Kaneki

    Mahogany guitar shipping problem.

    Hi guys I bought my lovely PRS SE 245 guitar in China (from an official dealer) three years ago. I moved to Japan then and brought the guitar with me as a part of my check-in luggage. Now I need to send it abroad. So I went to “Japan Post” but it turned out shipping my guitar abroad over the...
  2. K

    Why SE Custom 24 use Maple but not Mahogany for neck?

    I'm wondering is there any reason that SE Custom 24 use Maple for neck wood, not Mahogany like the Core Custom 24? Because of COST or TONE? Does anybody know this secret?
  3. V

    Where is the wood that PRS use come from ?

    Does anyone know that Where is the wood that PRS use come from ? Like a Maple, Mahogany, Rosewood , where are they come from country ?
  4. pauloqs

    Wood quality on Core guitars

    Besides the amazing wood drying process on PRS guitars and outstanding craftsmanship, another characteristic that I don’t see advertised as much is the wood grade used in Core guitars. I believe PRS use a lower density mahogany for their core guitars, like you find in the Custom Shop of other...
  5. Ironwolf

    Deep gouge in mahogany neck, should I repair it, can I repair it?

    I was putting this in the guitar stand, missed just slightly, It bounced a glancing blow off of the body edge of my PRS 594 . I can't find a hint of damage on the PRS body. But the LP neck took the brunt of the injury. PRS wins the battle. I really don't notice it when I'm playing, it has...
  6. Ironwolf

    Maple Necks on Mahogany Bodies : Tone?

    Hi all, I see that PRS is offering this combination a lot recently, so I am imagining that a few people can compare head to head and compare and contrast the differences to the classic hog neck on hog body, I am mostly interested in the rosewood fretboard on the maple neck tone (on the...
  7. Toby

    Not so NPSGD...

    Hello everyone! I'm following PRS for years by now, although I never had the cash to buy one. There was a time I completely forget about PRS as a whole, but a decent reminder in terms of a simple Guitar Review on youtube got me addicted again. From then on I watched literally every factory tour...