1. P

    SE Headstock Decal Question

    Does anyone know from experience or reliable source how deep the SE decal lay on pre-sig headstocks? I have no intention ever to attempt to deceive anyone (and the back of the headstock spells it all out pretty clearly) but I'd rather have the PRS signature and a small SE than a HUGE SE and no...
  2. S

    Modifying a Private Stock Headstock Inlay & Refinish.

    I have two blue Private stock PRS's. One I left in a case and forgot about, and the other so nice I left it on a stand by a open window for a few years. As you can imagine that guitar is no longer blue, and now more of a light grey. I really don't like it, and I really want a Scarlet Red guitar...
  3. danktat

    I hope this doesn't get me banned

    OK....so I have another tattoo that I just did today that I wanted to share. The problem is that it may get me killed (or at least banned) on this particular board. Took five hours to do. And no, I couldn't talk him into an different headstock o_O Anyway, I hope the work itself can...
  4. Jesse

    No way of finding specs?!

    Guys, this may be a tough one, but after consulting with PRS I recently found out their database cannot find any specs of my PRS. It's a CU24 1997. This info (other than knowing I have HFS/VB pick ups is all I really know about the axe. The store I purchased it from (trade-in) told me it was...