floyd rose

  1. S

    Strings on guitar with Floyd Rose

    Hello, I have a new Custom 24 Floyd (got it last month) and I want to buy some strings in case I have a string that breaks. As I have no experience with a Floyd Rose (but watched some tutorials to learn how to restring the guitar), I want to keep the exact same string gauges in order not to...
  2. Cory A.W.

    Custom 24 Floyd Fire Red

    Hey all, just wanted to drop a link to a great deal on Reverb! These don't come around often, & here's a gorgeous example of workmanship... grab one for Christmas. Said he'd take $2900 Custom 24 Floyd Fire Red
  3. Neal Brakey

    NGD Incoming|PRS Custom 24 Floyd Wood Library Satin Jade Smokeburst| My first Wood Library!

    Been on the lookout for a Modern Metal machine, and I happened across this beauty on Reverb. Has everything I need along with some great versatility when I need it. It's unfortunate I've not heard much about the \m/ Metal pickups, what's your personal experience with them? This will be my first...
  4. R

    Floyd Rose with no rout?

    Hi guys, I have a PRs se Cu24 with a normal floating trem. I play a lot of Van Halen and I’m finding I need more range on the trem. On the PRs se floating trem I know I could improve tuning stability, but I need more range for divebombs as the trem right now has not even close to enough range...