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dragon 2

  1. G

    Upgraded SE Santana good buy?

    I found a used Sananta (older model I believe). Looks in good condition, I don't think it originally had coil split, but it was upgraded to have it, and with Dragon 2 pickups, coil split, and tuners. Asking, the equivalent, of $620 USD. Keep in mind, things a generally a little more pricey...
  2. joshoptical

    Dragon 1 -> ? Pickup progression history

    Hey gang. Fiddling with my 93 CE22 with Dragon 1s got me wondering about the history of humbucker progression at PRS. Specifically, when the 1s were eliminated and whether the models they were used in were all and immediately replaced with 2s, or if some were replaced with other humbuckers...