1. RickyFresh

    S2 Vela Keeps Dropping Out of Tune

    Hey all, I just recently purchased a used Vela (semi-hollow, reclaimed wood). It sounds great, although I can't seem to keep it in tune for the life of me. This became a real problem at my first gig as it was really embarrassing playing, then realizing how out of tune it had become after a...
  2. Axel Schick

    Detune Problem After Vibrato Bar Scoop On 1 String

    Hello guy, i have a problem with my SE Mikael Åkerfeldt. The guitar has a PRS tremolo system. After doing a down bend with the tremolo (Scoop) the B-string is out of tune. It is tuned too high. When i do a normal band afterwards on this string the tune is perfect again. Does anybody have an...