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    Next PRS - Recommendations?

    Based on input from those above, I’ve narrowed my search to a Paul’s Guitar or Custom 22 Piezo. McCarty is still a dark horse, but thinking it’s just too similar tone-wise to my 594 even though I’m sure I’d like it. I’m drawn to what I think are the great single-coil tones of the PG (Phil...
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    Next PRS - Recommendations?

    thanks for all the great suggestions, will have a go at at least most of them. Was in Chicago this week and of course visited Chicago Music Exchange, played a Paul's Guitar I liked but didn't love, and several McCarty's I liked pretty much equally. There's only a couple Hollowbody's there...
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    Next PRS - Recommendations?

    I've got a 2018 408 and a 2021 594SC, thinking about either a 20/21 McCarty or Paul's Guitar, though I know either will have similarities to what I already have... The PG (based on video reviews) does authentic sounding single-coils, and will be 'brighter' than the 408 given the bridge pickup...
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    Core Special Semi Hollow

    love to hear some reports from those who own one of these beauties...I'd be especially interested in knowing how people get on with the middle pickup...I was convinced I wanted a 509 until I played one and found my picking style completely incompatible with the height of the middle pup - the...
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    NGD Pho-Oh-Ate has arrived

    Props! The 408 is magical, being lesser know/under-appreciated in the PRS lineup only adds to the joy of the secret door leading to the speakeasy...cheers
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    McCarty or DGT

    great thread, throwing on another comment despite the 'age'....just got a DGT (2021/TCI), it's my 5th PRS (current stablemates = 408, 594 SC) and while I love it, I too found Jojo's case of pickups being icepick-like in the upper registers. It took quite a bit of experimental dialing-in on my...
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    McCarty 594 2020 Yellow Tiger incoming. What to expect?

    love Yellow Tiger, love SC 594's, mine always puts a smile on my face - craziest long sustain of my 3 PRS (408, DGT)
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    NGD: DGT, struggling with brightness

    Spent the weekend exploring more amps with my DGT: - bought a new Marshall SC20 Stealth Head and matching 2x12 Stealth cab - AB'ing vs the Silver Jubilee Head and matching 2x12 cab, agree with others that SC20 is even more 'icepcick-y' than the Silver Jube. All of my PRS (408, 594SC, and new...
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    NGD: DGT, struggling with brightness

    Not entirely, hard to balance brightness on G-B-E without making E-A-D overly bass-y. And EQ adjustments seem ‘extreme’ vs what I’m used to…this guitar/amp combo is only one I’ve had where Bass is on 7 or 8 to sound less shrill.
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    NGD: DGT, struggling with brightness

    It’s odd that my DGT sounds so good through the Revv D20 and Mesa Fillmore…makes it hard to say it’s the guitar’s fault…likewise the Marshal 2525H sounds fine with my 408 and 594, so can’t really blame the Marshall. will demo both an Sc20 and Sv20 this weekend and may swap the heads
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    NGD: DGT, struggling with brightness

    update - I'm still kind of struggling with my DGT through my Marshall 2525H, as juicing the bass and lowering the treble effectively removes the shrill-like brightness on G-B-E strings, it also deadens the sound with too much bass on E-A-D strings. Really odd how the DGT sounds so different...
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    Difference Custom 24-08 and 408?

    408 fan here, another difference is the 408 is 22 frets, 24-08 is 24.
  13. SundanceSanDiego first DGT

    I already have a 594, but after seeing so many positive reviews (many absolute raves) about the DGT, I decided to try one. Was initially hesitant about the large frets, narrower neck width, and 'overlap' with my 594 (though mine is a singlecut). I've found it's sonically different enough from...
  14. SundanceSanDiego first DGT

    thanks all - agree re: 10 Top, and I was very much looking for Moons rather than Birds (surprisingly hard to find, esp. on a DGT that is not a Gold Top)
  15. SundanceSanDiego first DGT

    joining my 408 and 594SC, a 2021 non-10 Top in Violet, bought on July 4th and loving it so far. The back color always come out more 'red' in pictures but is really a smoky purple.