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    1. 11top
      Hunter, I am having major problems with the site. I’m having trouble logging in and out. Also, entire posts are not showing up, but I know they are there. I don’t want to lose all my info. Any suggestions? I’ve never had this happen before.
    2. Tony1866
      HellIo, I have a 2007 PRS Mira, I was told my guitar is a core guitar?? What does this mean?? How can I verify?? Are core guitar more valuable??
      1. DISTORT6
        Please ask questions in the topic area of the forum. This section is not for questions. Good luck!
        Dec 6, 2020
    3. Adamo
      Hey Hunter, how can we get a process started for making the Silver Sky in left hand? A petition? Cheers, Adam
    4. Mgamm1ll
      Hunter, will you be showing any PS pics this week? I got to see the back of mine last week but hoping a preview of the front before she ships. It's a Faded Blue Jean McCarty that has the Extra Dirty Natural back, neck and fingerboard : )
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