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    Show your pedal boards here!

    Here's the latest version of my board. The Fuzz is interchangeable, depending on the gig. But everything else stays pretty much the same:
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    Late NGD Experience 2016

    Satin finish, mmm... That's the only thing I'd change about mine, I am not so into glossy finishes... Mine's also a Black Gold Burst!
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    Private Stock Friday

    Agreed. Killer color!
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    Spring claw adjustment

    Raising the saddles a little bit helps you reduce spring tension. It's a balancing act until you find the sweet spot, but it can be done.
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    Show Us YOUR Youtube Vids, Soundcloud, Band Webpage Links, Etc...

    Here's a little something I am working on. It's for a guitar contest. If you would like to give me a thumbs up, here's the link:
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    Son Of Son of Archon

    I played this amp at the show. I loved it! I want an Archon now! Also, Emil is such a cool dude. It was nice meeting/jamming with him...
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    Left handed player has a short question.

    Dude, you can flip that yourself! Get a new nut, work the intonation at the bridge, move the strap button to the lower horn, done! From one lefty to another, if you have a hankering for a PRS, you should look for a more symmetrical offering, like a Santana. Also, I am selling my lefty Custom...
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    Forum Truss Rod Cover (and you thought I forgot about it, didn't you?)

    Oh my, forgot about this. I guess I am calling tomorrow!
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    New Store Grand Opening Celebration featuring PRSH and David Grissom

    That sounds so cool. Good for you, guys!
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    PRS iPhone case?

    But coming from Hong Kong? Can you say "Me rip you off long time"? I bet the big cheese would have something to say about that...
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    PRS iPhone case?

    Not gonna lie, that looks cool...
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    Private Stock Friday

    So much win on this thread!