Wiring diagram


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Apr 30, 2023
I bought two CE custom 24 guitar's. And I would like to change the bridge position pickup with a Mark Tremonti pickup, which I recently bought two. But, the stock pickups has 5 wires and the MT pickup has 4. Plus the color of some of the wires is different on both pickups. I am a bit confused. Can anyone help with this problem? :)
I'm a bit confused which guitar you have? A CE custom 24 with MT pickups?
Yes,exactly. I am trying to replace the stock bridge pickup with a MT bridge pickup. On a CE custom 24 model. :)
You mean CE24? Ohhh MT for Mark Tremonti! PRS has a MT pickup, as in multi tap.
That question is worth an email to the PTC. PRS pickup lead coloring is not known to be consistent through the years.