Wheel-O-Forum Game (4)


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Jun 26, 2012
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Welcome to rugerpc's Wheel-O-Forum Game (4)
The category is "rugerpc's GAS"

The Board:

Used letter board:

THIS game's contestant playing order (current player in red):
Albrecht Smuten
Player 5

Post "I'm in" to get a player slot.

See post 2 for the rules...
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Game Play:

This is my obvious ripoff of a popular TV game show.

The FIRST HALF of your turn can be either a guess at a letter or a try at solving the puzzle.
The SECOND HALF of your turn (if you didn't attempt to solve in the first half) must be an attempt to solve.
Players lose their turns when they:

• guess an incorrect letter or a letter already guessed;

• make an incorrect guess at a solution;

• take too long to make their next move;

• Pass to the next player.

Once your turn is over, you go to the end of the line and must wait for your turn to come around again.

If a player passes and you are next in line - go ahead and post, you do not need to wait until the player's deadline occurs.

On your first turn in a game, you may only guess a consonant. On your second turn or thereafter, you may guess a consonant or a vowel... The use of search engines of any kind is strictly prohibited.

If you want to play, simply post that you're in. The game will be limited to five (5) players. Please join the game during the FIRST round. The player next in line at the end of the game gets the first shot at the new game. A new order of play for that game will form as members line up...

Please do not ruin the game for others by guessing or solving out of turn. Spectators are welcome to post, just not letters or guesses or hints.

Your patience will be needed for this game because after each guess, I must update the board. It is also possible that players may lose their turns due to them and me not having a matching on-line schedule. That will just have to be the way it goes. I will try to make reasonable deadlines for play.

Each player will get a deadline that hopefully matches when they are usually on the Forum and also which allows for me to get some sleep, eat, do some work and play a bit of guitar.
OK..count me in.....but we should wait until we have at least 3 players. Contact Les...I'm sure he'd be willing to play. Maybe Sergio too....the authors need a place where they can have respite from the carnage and destruction and malevolence.
I'm not going to beg specific people to play - this game takes a commitment to check it regularly and I have no idea what people's schedules are....

But I do agree it is more fun with more players.
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More.....I say, MORE players needed!!

Be wery qwi-yet.....I'm wooking for more pwa-yers!

Thuffern Thuckatash...come on and join the fun!

Still room for 3 more players...

jennifer is looking particularly lovely there... I was going to suggest Angelina Jolie but we may have mistaken her for the letter 'i'.


S please Ruger.

Angelina just doesn't do it for me...

There are three "S"s. You may solve or pass back to Bennett.
May I please have an "E" kind sir? As I ooze with unctuous politeness and a significant amount of class. :girl:

BTW...I am told by many that I have a lot of class. However, it is usually accompanied in the same sentence with the word "low".:mad: