Whale blue with black plastic?


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Dec 14, 2015
Hey everyone!
I’ve recently picked up a Core Custom 24 in Whale Blue (not faded). I’m considering swapping out the cream/whiteish pickup rings for black ones. Any chance anyone has a photo of one with that arrangement? I’d like to get an idea of how it’ll look, but the closest I’ve found is pictures of CU22 stoptail models with nickel covers and black rings, so it looks pretty different from a CU24 with black bobbins and a trem.
Thanks in advance!
Beautiful guitar! I think that’s whale blue—not as intense as royal or as bright as Matteo. My favorite blue from PRS is definitely whale.
Thanks. Always wondered what color that guitar is. I traded a guy my Fender Eric Johnson Strat for it, straight up. Didn't care for the Strat. Love the CU22 though!
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