Tim Pierce is a MONSTER


Zombie Zero, DFZ
Aug 1, 1985
A monster PLAYER, that is.

Watch this video end-to-end and dig the the breadth and depth of his skillset. The chops. The feel. The musicality. Man... so good!

If you're short on time, just watch 12:30 through 13:35. Then click that got-damn [subscribe] button so he can keep doing what he's doing.

Linky to video ---> here.
He's another guy that I listened to UNKNOWINGLY for years, and influenced me greatly. "Unknowingly" because, like another one, Steve Lukather, he was one of the first call session guys in LA at the time. Those guys played all over everything. Huge influences on me, and I didn't even know it until many years later. And I can probably throw Neil Geraldo into that mix as well.
It is amazing how good he really is. He always knows what to play and not play and when to play and not play. He has immense restraint and always plays what is needed and nothing more. Classy Act in my book.
OMG, Love Tim Pierce! What a bar to aspire to watching his playing huh? He’s got Complete command of all those styles, pretty amazing. I love that video and the one he speaks of where they compare the 594 to the ‘59 LP is a much watch as well, really cool! His lessons are great as well, he really knows how to show you what he’s talking about without sounding like its out of reach. Another 1st call guy that is one of my favorites is Carl Verhyen! He’s played on more stuff you’d never know how much you’ve heard him on recordings as well from TV to the radio, crazy amazing player. I’d love for Tim to include him in some videos.
He's one of those guys (actually, one of many) who makes me realize how much I don't know. But I know that anyway. He just re-enforces it!

Find I'm in a real rut lately with trying to practice and I'm beginning to wonder if I should find a teacher or if I should try to find and subscribe to the right online course. Bottom line: I'm chasing my own tail and I need some sort of guidance.

I only play guitar at church and I do pretty good for what's required. I get compliments on my playing and tone all the time. (Really, I'm not at all big headed about this. I have nothing to be big headed about). I also come up with my own little parts for a lot of these songs all the time. But get me outside of church and I'm lost.

I'll learn to play other songs (rock orientated) from time to time but I really don't know that many. I know I should learn more because i can see the benefits from learning other songs. Occasionally I'll put on some jam tracks to jam along with. Sometimes it's one chord jam tracks. sometimes two and sometimes four chords.

But something is missing. It's like I'm having trouble "connecting the dots" so to say.

I'm not down or depressed about it but again, I need some guidance and don't know which way to turn.
I love Tim. I have watched his playing for years. One of the best studio musicians ever. I could sit with him and be comfortable to play with him even with my limited skill set. He’s just wonderfully talented and humble human being!