The Guitar Store Library Wood DGT Build Thread.


Authorized PRS Dealer
Authorized PRS Dealer
May 7, 2013
I had a great time at the factory. Everyone there is amazing! It is a hard place to be when you suffer from the kind of G.A.S. that I do. It was hard to pick out what I would have built for my first Library run. During my tour of the factory I kept thinking about a song I wrote on a DGT the week I left Seattle. I am more than slightly fixated on the DGT right now. So when I got the chance to join Paul and pick out the tops, backs and necks we would use for our guitars I had inspiration.
We will have 10 guitars built.
5 with Korina back and neck
5 with Mahogany
all 10 will be topped with the Flame Maple tops I picked out.
Since I will get one myself and I travel the choice of Ebony for the a fretboard was easy. This eliminates the worry over the Brazilian issue and makes for a unique instrument.
The choice of 2013 Birds was made to match the tuning keys in of the DGT.
All guitars will come in a Paisley Case.
There will be 5 colors offered. One for each back wood.
Whale Blue/ Nat Back (Mahogany is sold)
Livingston Lemondrop
Boyd's Burst
Trampas Green
Burnt Maple Leaf

I will be taking pre orders. Please give me a call or send a PM
Thanks, James

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