Safe room completed for guitars and amps

After seeing the movie Panic Room, I vowed never to have one.

It's not that I don't think they can serve a purpose, or even be useful. I just couldn't tolerate the idea of being locked in a room with Kristen Stewart. That constant look of doom has got to weigh on you, man!
lol......I had a dream two nights ago that I got locked in there. And I turned around and Mr T was in there with me instead of Jodi Foster. He kept saying I pity the fool that eats my MREs.
Yes. Jodie Foster was the mother. Kristen Stewart was the daughter.

The sad thing is, I liked Kristen Stewart for a while, then I realized she pretty much never changes expression.
No kidding. I never knew that. Loved when that dude who played violin got his hand in the door jam and mashed. Not sure if he played violin. But I wanted him to be even more miserable knowing his career may have been shot lol
outstanding! how did you manage the air handling?
Thank you! To be honest, I really didn't do any exchange. One wall is an exterior wall to the outside and the others are interior walls and warm. The room is only like 10x11 feet. Heres what I did and I have no issues at all. For one thing the basement is very dry, walls etc. I shot closed cell foam in the walls and the ceiling. I shot it between the studs that I kept one inch off the walls. Then put the tongue and groove cedar on over the top. It stays 60 to 68 degrees in there pretty much all year long and the humidity stays a near constant 45 percent. I have golden rods in the safes to keep them super dry internally and a bit warm. The guitars are all in cases and I throw some humidipacks in each case like every 5 months. The packs that pull humidity or release it. Just a bit if extra redundancy. Necks stay stable and no issues at all. It may not be the right way to really do it, but it has worked for the 8 years I have been here. When I wired it I thought it might get colder then I like and I wasn't really sure what it would do temp wise. Having a thermostat type ceramic heater in mind in case it had big temp swings etc, I wired a 20 amp circuit in the room to handle it and the golden rods etc.