PRS P22 - compatability with ToneBone PZ-DI / PZ-Select


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Feb 16, 2013
PRS P22 (pics&video L@@K!!!) - compatability with ToneBone PZ-DI / PZ-Select

Hi everyone!

Just bought a PRS P22 from Music49 and love it so far. I have a question. I'd like to have hands-free switching between the magnetic and piezo pickups and Tonebone sells a pedal for it (PZ-DI, newer one called PZ-Select). Does anyone have experience with this? Also, Does the PRS P22 MAG/MIX input jack accept TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) cables?

Any replies are greatly appreciated.


Who said PRS's don't get a great metal sound?!?!?! Jamming along to some Quicksand! Check it out!

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Cool guitar!

Thanks for the Quicksand, been listening to them since the first Revelation 7" and you sounded great!
I have a Radial PZ DI and I take it to the gig only when I need use the piezo set. I think in a live situation, to switch between magnetic/piezo with my foot is much better, faster and precise. I really don't know the difference between the PZ DI and the PZ Select, anyway.
And mand, this P22 looks amazing. congrats!
I'm pretty sure the P22 Mix/Mag is not TRS, it basically mixes the two pickup types and you use the blend nob to control how much piezo is mixed into the mag output. From the PZ-Select/PZ-DI pages on Tonebone's site, you'll use "Application 2" with two standard output cables (it refers to a Y'd TRS, but the PRS has two output jacks so no Y involved).
I will tell you how I use it.

I connect on the outs of the guitar an Y adaptor. Red Piezo and Black magnetic. then a TRS cable plugs in the adaptor and goes to Radial PZ.DI in the magnetic. then I use an XLR cable and plug in the mix console and the magnetic out goes to my "electric guitar" pedalboard. Ont the guitar I have the piezo/magnetic switch on the middle position and all volumes and tone 100%. To have 2 cables coming out of the guitar is a real pain.
I am not sure if this is the model I have, but looks like it.
Yeah that works, I was thinking the Y they were referring to is more like the Ric-O-Sound setup on Ric guitars. That 2nd output is TRS, so the Y cable splits out from that single jack to separate amps/whatever to split the bridge & neck pups. I have one of those Hosa cables for my Rics, but it Y's to female connectors. I don't think I like the one you linked for the same reason 2 full cables coming out creates - it's still a bit bulky. I'd like to get something more like what Alex Lifeson uses with the L style connector lying flat along edge of guitar instead of straight out.
Holy S#$, I never thought I'd see some Quicksand love on here! Did you go to any of the reunion shows? haha

And guitar wise that thing is devestatingly gorgeous! Yowza.
Sick guitar and sick player! Awesome man! But on your topic, sorry no experience :(.

Thank you for the information. I will definitely post a reply on how I make out. Just ordered the Y-Adapter, TRS cable and pedal. I was reading the manual for the Tonebone PZ-DI and it cites the "acoustic Piezo Input". It states, "This input may also be fed from the electric input jack using a TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) 1/4" phone jack where the ring conducts the acoustic pickup." You mention it goes in the magnetic input on the PZ-DI? Agreed, two cables would be a pain in the ass, plus I am definitely a fan off hands-free operation instead of the switch on the guitar.
As a matter of fact, i'm from the NY/NJ area and saw them at the Bowery Ballroom and also at their recent tour when they finished at Webster Hall NYC. Just love their music. I'm stuck in the 90' Thanks!

By the way, my youtube page has some concert footage of the Quicksand shows.
Thanks. It is a killer guitar. I collect/play different guitars and I can't stop but to always go for the P22. Plays amazing and the setup and intonation is mint. Believe or not, got it off ebay from a ebay store. expensive, but worth every penny. More videos to come.