NBD semicentennial


Avoiding imperial entanglements
Jan 5, 2023
Disclaimer, not only is this not about guitars but it also happened a long time ago. Exactly a half century.

Probably the thing that I most lusted for since becoming a teen was a ski boat. I became hooked on skiing as a kid and a few years later became totally addicted to water skiing after learning to ski on a single slalom ski. And around that time ski boats were becoming a hot item; check out the bayou ski boat chase from the '73 Bond film 'Live and Let Die' How could a teen guy not want one of those:

The big problem was that back then in the Eugene, Oregon area only a couple of my friends families had a boat. So one summer I worked at the local food cannery moving filled and unfilled cans around on the cooked beets canning line. It was a union shop so I became a Teamster and got paid a decent $2.86/hr with a 50% weekend bonus. Fortunately college was cheap then and on July 25, 1973 I was able to use those summer earnings, after convincing the rest of our family to split the cost of the boat, to pay $1600 for a 1973 14' Rivera with a used '68 50hp Mercury outboard. It became a centerpiece of activity when I was back at the the family homestead for decades, mostly in the summer but a couple of years around Christmas too.
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