Multiple PRSes Onstage - Florida Georgia Line (Nick Kids' Choice Sports Awards)


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Apr 29, 2012
Was watching the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards last night with my son...I kinda live in a closet, but had never really heard of Florida Georgia line.

SO when I stand up and start pointing to the screen, my family thinks I am crazy. Actually, they know I am.

It looked like the bassist was playing a white on metallic red Kestrel bass, and I am pretty sure the guitarist had an SE Custom 24 (pretty sure I saw zebra bobbins). Could've sworn I saw another PRS floating around back there as well, hard to tell with all of them fast cuts and stuff they use for the new generation ;)

Looks like the guitarist Tyler Chiarelli is an official PRS artist from the web site, got some pics of him with some nice HBs and a DGT.

Cannot find a video of it, but anyway, just really cool to see multiple PRSes out of left field like that.
Yeah, it does look like the Country (or what's currently called country) music guys are frequent users of PRS products.
My sons go to a lot of concerts by the new wave of country acts and they've mentioned seeing PRS on stage.
Brian Kelley(short haired singer) plays SC's, and I think he has an HBII

Chiarelli has a couple HBII's, a DGT, A few CU24's, and a JA-15. he's the band leader and was a big PRS fan before they signed him on.

The long-haired one(forget his name) has a JA-15 (Im pretty sure) but is officially a Gibson artist(or was)