McCarty 594 saddle replacement.


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Feb 4, 2024
How~D! My girlfriend recently got A McCarty 594. I used to be A Gibson guy, and used to replace the saddles on the tune-o-matic bridge, w/ Graphtech saddles. It made A huge difference. No string break, more sustain. It was like voodoo. Ha! The brass saddles look the same as the Gibsons. Anybody use Graphtechs?
Yeah, I’ve never had a string break at the saddle on any 594 bridge I’ve had. I think your sustain could get worse changing them out. I put some graph tech saddles on a tone pros prs bridge and it made it sustain less. PRS spent considerable time on the materials on that bridge. They usually get it right.
I've never heard of it being necessary to replace those saddles.