A week's worth of guitars


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Jul 16, 2014
Melbourne, Australia
I'm always looking forward to the weekends and I get through the week playing some pretty special guitars.
I am truely blessed to call these all my own.
Here's a week in the life of a guitar addict:

Monday - Martin OMCPA4
The Monday blues are swept away with the alluring sounds of this all American acoustic. I've had this one since living in London in 2012 and it's been used for more gigs that any other guitar I own. I've never played a PRS acoustic, but for now this one does everything I need and more.
(pic below)

Tuesday - 2016 DC594
OK, it's Tuesday, the ears have stopped ringing from the weekend but we're still not ready to crank the master to 11. Enter the vintage workhorse. Nice and balanced, full range of sounds and more likely to inspire clean jamming. The perfect guitar for a Tuesday.

Wednesday - 2017 SC594 Artist
HUMP DAY. We're half through the week and can already smell the beer stained carpets and bad decisions, but we need to wait a few more days before we can really let loose. This SC594 Artist in Livingston Lemondrop is the perfect mid-week pick-me-up. As soon as it's in my hands I feel better. In fact, I even feel better just seeing this picture!
Maple neck and BRW board make this one a little bit special - we don't have many (if any) other BRW 594's in Australia.

Thursday - 2011 Custom 24 10 top
It might as well be the weekend, because tomorrow's Friday and then the fun can really begin. Plus a hangover on a Friday isn't so bad, is it?
This is my first PRS and where the obsession all started. It spent quite a bit of time under the lights at Guitar-Guitar in the UK and has lost quite a bit of the colour it once had. I'm not complaining, I think it looks awesome. It also plays like butter. I tend to leave this on in Eb tuning.

Friday - 2015 Custom 22 10 Top
FRI-YAY! OK, let's do this. The weekend is here and it's time to PARTY! And if we're gonna party, we need to look good. Enter this stunner. So comfortable it can be played for hours without even breaking a sweat. The 58/15 pickups can both rock out and clean up so well, almost with just technique alone (but the split positions help too).
This one comes with me to almost every electric gig. I can depend on it, I know it's going to sound good and I love playing it.
Fun fact - this is the only PRS I have that I played before buying it, although I made up my mind before even getting in the car to check it out.

Saturday - 2013 SC245 Artist
We have finally arrived. We had the day to keep the kids alive and now it's time to really unwind.
Friday we looked good, so we need to back it up and look even better on Saturday. Enter the SC245 and get ready to ROCK!
With it's maple neck, BRW fretboard and Red Fade finish, this Artist guitar both looks and sounds the goods - thanks also to the uncovered 57/08 pickups (and pickup splits)

Sunday - 2012 Hollowbody II (BKP Mule Pickups)
Shh.. It's to early. Put on your dark sunnies, piece together the foggy memories of the night before and bring my COFFEE! After Bacon and Egg Brunch it's going to be a mellow day.
I initially didn't bond with this guitar. The balance between neck and bridge pickup just didn't work. I played with the heights, but was much happier after adding a set of Mule pickups. I tend to play this one a lot at home unplugged.

so.. what would your week look like?
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I would be lucky if I could find the time to touch a guitars 2 or 3 times a week... o_O
That’s just lovely eye candy! Thank you!
That's a nice week right there.

My week looked like this, partly because it's my new toy and partly because it's that good.

Sunday - Modded SE One
Monday - Modded SE One
Tuesday - Modded SE One
Wednesday - Modded SE One
Thursday - Modded SE One
Friday - Modded SE One
Saturday - Modded SE One

Yeah but we know you have some “Purple goodness” too!:D
I got a new strap for Christmas from my brother-in-law - Hand Dyed red leather, pretty snazzy!
I think it goes really well with my SC245, what do you think :)


Brown snake-skin strap now donated to the SC594 I picked up 2 weeks ago

2018 has been a really good year for my guitar collection - both of these Artist singlecut's came my way this year. Both second hand and both came to me mint.

Merry Christmas all!