2021 McCarty got a "bald" spot after I dropped clear nitro to stop chipping flaking off, is there a better way to do this?


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May 23, 2023

My nitro McCarty's chipping was spreading(primer layer exposed) and I wanted to stop it so I dropped tiny bit of thinned nitro(2 nitro to 8 thinner) on a small dental pick after I cleaned the area with naphtha.

It seems the pigments floated up as there's no clear coat on the body's burst and color got sanded/buffed off but the new clear cellulose did stick and got buffed shine nicely. I did similar repair on the neck and it was fine, can't spot where it was repaired at(look like the neck has a clear coat unlike the back of body).

I think the worn look the guitar got now is kind of cool but is there a correct way to stop chip spreading without losing the color around it?

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You melted the finish off.

Lacquer thinner melts lacquer. Lacquer melts lacquer too.

I use multiple applications of thin super glue applied with a toothpick.

Let each drop dry and harden completely before adding another drop.

But there's more to it than that. You have to then scrape the fill flush with the surface and then polish it to a high gloss.

Do a search on YouTube for Dan Erlewine videos on the subject.

You might want to take it to a skilled luthier in your area.

It takes experience and a meticulous nature to do that kind of repair and make it invisible.

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Thanks for the advises, I am aware that I have melted the finish but what I am asking is can a spreading nitro chip be stopped without melting an relatively large area of color nitro finish because nail polish will also leave a dark ring around it when there is no clear coat over the color(if it had clear coat this wouldn't been a issue).

As I will get more dings on it over time and color matching is expensive expert work I have no motive to fix it anytime soon but I want to know if there is a "right way" to stabilise it without adding CA to the finish(it's much harder than nitro so it's very difficult to scrape CA correctly on a non flat surface and it won't shrink at the same rate as nitro).

This would've been exactly like Dan's video if PRS didn't apply poly primer underneath, on some guitar that'll take out the grain filler too.