treble bleed

  1. P

    SE Swamp Ash Special - treble bleed issue

    Hey guys, Just got a brand new SAS a few months ago and I love it, except...when the volume is at 9-10, it sounds awesome, as I would expect it to sound. But when I turn the volume knob from 9 to 8, the treble drops a non-linear way. Has anyone else experienced this? Does...
  2. charvel1975

    2021 PRS SE Custom 24 Factory Treble Bleed?

    Hello I was wanting to know if my PRS SE Custom 24 came with the treble bleed from the factory?
  3. R

    Any info on a Vela treble bleed circuit?

    Love my semi-hollow Vela with the standard single coil neck pickup. I replaced the push-pull tone pot with a better “core” PRS version. I am now looking for a treble bleed circuit / diagram / instruction for this guitar. Anyone know of such a thing? Thanks.
  4. C

    SE Soapbar Treble Bleed

    Does my PRS SE Soapbar II have a treble bleed circuit? and if so what type of treble bleed circuit?
  5. D

    Treble bleed for SE 245

    Hello, new to the forum. Hoping to get some advice. I'm thinking about doing a treble bleed mod for my SE 245 however the more I read about this, the more confused and leary I'm getting about doing this. So I have some questions and looking for some advice on what to do. 1. I thought I read...
  6. Ironwolf

    Treble Bleed on the McCarty 594, who has done it?

    I use the volume control on most of my guitars to subtly dial in the gain as needed. The McCarty 594 volume is one of the worst ones I've had for killing or losing the treble, totally changing the sound and EQ. so I'm really convinced I need to put in a treble bleed circuit, but I certainly...