1. T

    NGD - Special Semi-Hollow (Orange Tiger)

    I've historically not been a huge PRS guy but really love the tones that John Mayer gets with Dead & Company and fell in love with the Super Eagle model. However, like most of us, it was definitely beyond my price range. I've tried to scratch the itch a couple different ways but ultimately...
  2. VirginiaAve

    Did Mayer abandon the JMOD?

    At the Hollywood Bowl shows at least, he has been playing a Dumble. No PRS amp onstage. Every night has been a Fender for the 2nd amp Anyone know the story?
  3. Annaxes

    Any Custom 24 Semi Hollow Owners Out There?

    I've been dying for a core custom 24 semi (Huge Mayer fan) how does it compare to a custom 24 solid body? Always lowed the airy tone of a semi. Anyone have experience with them?
  4. VirginiaAve

    NGD: Super Eagle #1

    Well, it finally arrived... #1 of 100 Special thanks to Jack Gretz from NE Music Center, and Paul and John and the folks who build the Private Stocks. This has got to be one of the most special instruments I've ever laid hands or eyes on. The build quality, color, woods, PUPs, switching...its...