se silver sky

  1. V

    Intro to the forum and question about Silver Sky Headstock

    Intro into how I got here (Skip if you don't care): Hey guys! new to the forum but not new to guitars or PRS. My CU22 from 2016 has been my favourite guitar for a bit now. Im a huge Strat fan and have always been curious about the Silver Sky but for whatever reason I was always hesitant. Last...
  2. TheDoktor

    SE Silver Sky on Trogly's Guitar Show

    Looks like PRS sent guitar youtuber Trogly an SE Silver Sky to do a demo on. He's known for being a Gibson nerd but he's also a big fan of the OG Silver Sky. He gives a pretty good rundown of it here, and even went to the trouble of buying a USA Sky for a quick tour comparison. Gotta say... I...