1. George Mills

    Gold Tremolo Saddles, Anyone?

    I’m looking to create the hybrid hardware look on my 509 that came in all chrome. So far I have swapped out all the screws/ nuts & tuner buttons to gold with official PRS parts. The last thing now is the set of 6 saddles on the tremolo bridge.. Does anyone have a spare set of these, or ones...
  2. S

    CE24 Saddles All the Way Back for Intonation - Problem?

    I bought a used 2016 CE24 in 2018. I can tell that it was barely used before I bought it. I’ve taken it to two local and well-regarded luthiers for setup and made it clear that cost and time are far less important than getting it as close to perfect as possible. Both luthiers made the action too...
  3. wulftone

    McCarty 594 bridge differences

    I've noticed that some 594's come with, for lack of a better term, "long/flat saddles", and some with more traditional Les Paul style saddles. Anyone know the story here? I've seen both styles on Core, S2, and Private Stock guitars. Can anyone order the type they want? Anyone notice a...
  4. the_doc735

    PRS tremolo systems

    I can't find a definitive answer concerning the available trem systems and their manufacturing materials? (including 'here'): ...does anyone have actual knowledge (not guesses) as to what trems. are available and what they are made of please? e.g. core CE SE S2 e.g. block springs screws the...
  5. C

    Silver Sky Saddle Height

    Hi, Recently I had to take out the saddle and de-rust them with wd-40. But i forgot to mark down the saddle heights. Also I don't have a radius tool. Could someone please post their saddle heights, ideally for factory setups? I would like to start with that and adjust as I go. Right now...