p22 pickups

  1. Going Modal

    How would you take your 53/10 pickups, and in what?

    I'm highly interested in getting a PRSi with 53/10's but there seem to be several (relatively different) models/avenues along which they were offered. In your opinion, which of those is most desirable or best showcases the sonic beauty of the 53/10 pickups?
  2. M

    P22 piezo pickup malfunction

    The piezo contact under my B string seems to have gone dead. All the others ring fine, but when I pluck the B, there's virtually no sound at all. Any advice or do I take it to a dealer?
  3. huseyin isbilir

    P22 pickups? What are they really?

    I have a 2013 model P22 Wood Library, behind the pickups it is only written P22 but does someone know what they really are. As I searched it seems they might be 57/08 but there is no official info anywhere. Thanks guys.