original music

  1. Moondog Wily

    All I Need (new song from Moondog Wily)

    Just released a new song into the wild ("All I Need"). I have decided that I am going to release songs I call "Studio Live" songs in a series. These will all be things that I record live, no overdubs, no punch ins, no extra instruments after the fact (some might call these "Demos"). Just me...
  2. Moondog Wily

    What The Hell Is This?

    I have been having a lot of fun now that my keys are hooked up to the system again (sorry, no guitar)! It allows me to geek out on all the cool sounds that can be made ;~)) I did this one just for fun, and to enter into a "Do Something" challenge on another music forum where you are encouraged...
  3. Moondog Wily

    Happy 4 Score

    I wrote a song last night and I am actually going to try and release it before EOD today! Wish me luck ;~)) It will be weak on production, but it is a song about this specific day, and being that I did not think of it till late last night, I have a very short window to try and bust it out...
  4. Moondog Wily

    The Flying Hawk by Moondog Wily

    The Universe pushed this song through my head last night for/about Taylor Hawkins! It was inspired by Gnarmageddon posting about his death (and the lyrics are posted in that thread as well). I am putting the lyrics here, and once it is completed, I will post a link to to that production...
  5. rnodern

    Original Composition Thread

    Hi all, I tried searching but couldn't find anything that matched. Obviously, we all play music or play in bands. A lot would also write music for the band, or even just produce music. I am very interested to hear the talent in this community. I can't be the only one that is thinking this. So...