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neck pattern

  1. S

    Pattern neck carve that's closest to the Silver Sky's

    Hi guys, New member of the forum here! I have decided to buy a PRS guitar, and I was looking for some advice from people that have played different models. A little bit of background - a few months ago I managed to try a maple Silver Sky, and the moment I touched the guitar I felt in love...
  2. Dire Wolf

    Which necks are Standard/Regular

    I love my '91 CU24 CE but I want to find a newer guitar with the same neck. I have seen so many posts about necks but not the answer I need. When contacted the factory with the serial number they said it "appears" to have a standard/regular neck. Any idea on which current or recent production...
  3. F

    !!!Help with PRS neck profile choice

    Hi guys, I'm new at this forum but I need some help from some seasoned PRS owners about neck profiles. I've been playing for almost 20 years, never any prejudice to neck shape, scale length, fretboard radius, nothing... until recently. I've been waiting for ages till I could afford to buy a PRS...