metal pickups

  1. Neal Brakey

    NGD Incoming|PRS Custom 24 Floyd Wood Library Satin Jade Smokeburst| My first Wood Library!

    Been on the lookout for a Modern Metal machine, and I happened across this beauty on Reverb. Has everything I need along with some great versatility when I need it. It's unfortunate I've not heard much about the \m/ Metal pickups, what's your personal experience with them? This will be my first...
  2. S

    PRS S2 Standard 22 p/u swap. Need advice.

    I don’t own one of these yet, although I plan on purchasing one once I’m finished with school. I played on some already at my local guitar center. I love the instrument, but I didn’t care too much for the stock pickups. I’ve heard a hell of a lot worse, but they’re not what I would be looking...