1. hardkase

    PRS: Why is the price point so high to get a hard case included with the guitar?

    So I'm new and my first order of business is to get a mini-rant out of my system. Of late, I've become more enamoured with the PRS brand due to their close association with Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy. I've always been fascinated by their craftsmanship, attention to detail, the fabulous...
  2. E

    McCarty 594 Case Fitment?

    Just picked up a sweet new wood library 594 and I noticed the neck doesn't sit properly in the case pocket. Ive had many core guitars and the case fitment has always been absolutely perfect. The body is snug but the neck doesn't even come close to making contact on the bottom against the foam...
  3. K

    Hardshell Case Options for S2 Mira??

    First post. First PRS. =) I know about the PRS multi-fit case (ACC-4255). I'm just wondering if you guys know of any other more affordable options. I ran a search, but couldn't find anything. Thanks!