1. MrSuperstar

    Please help: PRS 58/15 LT vs high-end single coils?

    Hi guys, I've long fallen in love with the sound of 58/15 LT pickups, so much so that Iìve ordered them on a PRS that will soon arrive at my home. IMVHO 58/15 LT are the pickups that most resemble the PAFs of the Gibson "golden era", as can be heard in this video. Having said that for the...
  2. G

    Anyone have thoughts on the 2006 PRS Standard 22?

    I found one for sale for around $1,700 CAD that the guy has barely played. Comes with case and a Fender Super Champ XD amp. I can't find much for pricing on these specific models. Also has moons, and rotary switch. Hoping for some opinions on if it would be worth it to wait for a 24, or anyone...
  3. Vanhaye

    Distance (Guitar Instrumental, 1:53)

    For this Guitar Song, my PRS Custom 24 stay in the corner. Listen and look of the song "TOGETHER" with PRS. Distance – Guitar Instrumental (1:53) Part I: Les Paul Classic (2015) Part II: Stratocaster Elite (2015)
  4. B

    Schaller type straplock help for PRS SE 245, plus other guitars

    So, the dude I bought my McCarty from had already put Schaller straplocks on it, so I figured it was time to invest in a little securtiy for a few other guitars. I just kinda thought all strap screws would be the same size for guitars, so I bought Fender strap locks. Swell, the two guitars I...
  5. P

    Is it simply brand recognition and nostalgia why people keep buying Gibsons and Fenders?

    I get that strats and teles are good and cool guitars, but basically Squier and other knockoffs get you the same thing at a cheaper price, so excluding those, I don't think $500-1000 Fenders nearly stack up to PRS, Ibanez or ESP guitars. PRS offers you the solid, reliable, comfortable...