ce 22

  1. N

    CE 22 OX4 Pickup Swap

    I just purchased a set of OX4 low winds to replace the Dragon I's in my '97 CE 22. Does anyone have any experience with OX4s in a PRS? I'm really looking forward to the open airy sound of unpotted humbuckers. The Dragons sound good but not the tone I'm looking for...
  2. CB93D

    PRS Vela with Bird Inlays

    Hello everybody, Do you think it’s realistic to expect bird inlays back in the Vela model? I’ve been expecting for years for them to make a comeback on the model, or at least to include them in an upgraded version. Maybe a CE version? At some point I made peaces with the possibility of them not...
  3. E

    CE 22 1998

    I was browsing local selling platform, noticed a 1998 PRS CE 22 in mahogany colour I believe for sale looks to be almost mint with 1 small ding by the bridge and comes with a hard case, is up for $1400. I’m seeing 2 models some with a toggle switch and some with just 3 dials online. New to PRS...
  4. Cris_mas

    OFFICIALY!! NGD CE 1994 Tobacco Sunburst

    Well, after almost a month of impatiently waiting her, she arrived!! All i can say is i can barelly believe she is here and she is mine. First tests results are: I friggin' love her!!! Is definitely the best guitar i've ever owned and i believe it will go nowhere (ok, i may change my mind in a...
  5. Cris_mas

    Incoming-Soon (hopefully) NGD: 1994 CE 22

    So, after years planning and trying to buy a USA made PRS, with actually all odds against, pulled the trigger and bought this beauty: So, probably due to covid i paid more than i should have for it, but being a 94, i believe it could be a hit or miss. Previous owner changed the phase 1 tuners...