brushstroke 24

  1. Utkarsh

    In celebration of the John McLaughlin Limited PS... are some nice pictures of my two Paul's guitars. Had to get them out of the case because of the renewed GAS. I'm glad to have two originals, a 2013 First Run Artist Pack Stoptail, with perhaps the best top I have ever seen on a core, non PS guitar and a 2014 Limited Edition Brushstroke...
  2. Utkarsh

    Double NGD: Paul's Brushstroke 24 and original run Tremonti

    Friends, Judge me not but here I have gone and done it again. In my defense it was a bundle deal and both have been on the wishlist for years, but nonetheless two very serious guitars in one single day Exhibit 1 is the limited 200 piece only Paul's Brushstroke 24. The marriage between a Paul's...