1. 222

    Scales: The Missing Link

    You’ve always known something is missing from your guitar playing skills. This is the chart you’ve been looking for. For those who don’t already know about this 9 note scale, learn it and you will suck no more. All the chords and all the riffs are hidden in it. This is the one they hide from...
  2. SaintTachyon

    PRS SE 24 Standard Pickup Upgrade suggestions?

    So... I've been absolutely loving this guitar but the pickups at best i dont care for, at worst i resent. Getting a good articulate clean sound out of them is a struggle, with high gain metal tones things are better but the note definition could be better. I'm looking for an affordable lower...
  3. D

    New album, heavy PRS content

    Hi all, I’m pleased to announce that I have recently released an album pertaining to a project I’ve worked on the side for some time. It’s named “Death Be Not Proud,“ both as a throwback in remembrance of my old band of the same time and as a continuation of that sort of thing in some small...
  4. BillThomasTrio

    Mira S2 Satin

    Hello all. First post. I purchased one of the "prototype" Mira S2 Satin in cherry. Wondering if anyone can tell me anything about this guitar? Was told it was a prototype and that they only made about twelve of each color before deciding that the Mira would not be part of the satin line. Came...