PRS SE 24 Standard Pickup Upgrade suggestions?


New Member
Sep 11, 2020
So... I've been absolutely loving this guitar but the pickups at best i dont care for, at worst i resent.
Getting a good articulate clean sound out of them is a struggle, with high gain metal tones things are better but the note definition could be better.
I'm looking for an affordable lower output pickup set/combination that will offer a more bright, clean and articulate tone but will still distort nicely (what i have in mind is a PAF/Burstbucker type tone).
At first i thought about Seymour Duncan 59's but i came across a post stating that they sounded "too shrill in the top end with muddy bass" on the single cut (i would be greatfull to hear about other peoples expiriences with these pickups) so now im left unsure about what are my options, all suggestions will be greatly appriciated.

If it helps the genres i like are: Blues, Stoner Rock, Post-Rock, Doom/Sludge and Black Metal