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    Gave the Purple Vela the bling it deserved

    …or a Rosewood truss rod cover. The pearloid cover might be a bit too much, but then again it might be a good fit. Quickguard may make one. Edit: just read the rest of the post. Yep, that TRC looks great!
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    S2 knob loose after replacing pot - how to fix?

    I just replaced the volume pot on my S2 Starla with a quality PRS replacement. Everything went smoothly, works great now, but the lampshade knob won’t stay on. Guessing the S2 knob is metric, and the replacement pot is standard? Any ideas on how to get the knob to stay put? I already tried to...
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    Modifying a stop tailpiece.

    @Raym this may be a good solution
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    Amazing Guitars

    Not sure if it will fit on your guitar, but the Les Trem II could be a nice solution.
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    PRS Tung Oil or Fretboard Conditioner advice please

    Interesting perspective… I was under the assumption fret sprout is caused by the wood being too dry, thus shrinkage occurs. The metal frets however, stay the same size. Can you explain your reasoning?
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    They changed the Vela neck pickup?!?

    Looks an awful lot like the NYII. No personal experience with them but I think they are P90ish.™-Ready_p_22020.html
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    Yep, that sure is tasty
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    Haha, no, never saw that before
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    Delay Pedals - Let's Talk Favorites!

    One pedal I miss having is the Strymon Brigadier. Not nearly as popular as the El Capistan, but oh so easy to get a fantastic analog delay sound out of, and it has the ability to tweak the modulation from a subtle chorusy effect to adding a hint of vibrato if you so desire. Not nearly as...
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    That is fire! And personally signed by Paul?
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    Y’all are sleeping on this guitar if you haven’t checked them out. Rock ‘n Roll machine, they are.
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    S2 Starla volume pot scratchy

    Yep, just as the title reads… The inferior S2 overseas electronics are proving to be sub-standard. Just ordered a new volume pot from zZounds for $10 shipped Overall the S2 lineup is a great value… except the overseas components used to save a few bucks.
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    Reverb Pedals - Let's Talk Favorites!

    Started at a TC HOF. Very good, especially for the $, considering how many different ‘verbs they pack into such a small pedal. Swapped the HOF for a Neunaber Expanse programmable reverb with the EXP remote footswitch. Some fantastic quality reverbs, but required too much programming/tweaking to...
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    will a PRS 3-Way Blade Switch acc 4106 fit a PRS S2

    Read the Product Description: If that doesn’t answer your particular question, then reach out to PRS support. They usually get back to you in a few days.