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    EF86/EL84-based 18W Prototype Amp

    I can be there Thursday evening. No, not really. Although I'm a little over an hour away, I have 3 amps I don't play through enough. There is a deserving person out there who can use and appreciate it. Really cool of you.
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    So how do You do it?

    "The more you drink, the better I sound". I cannot consume and perform, though. At all.
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    Name a song and it’s lyric that you’ve mistaken

    At Christmastime, my son sang "all of the other reindeer, used to hafta call him names."
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    Luxury guitars?

    Lagavulin 16. For me, Islay is the only way.
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    PRS you just can't bond with...

    Absolutely beautiful. 20th Anni are my favorite, (check my avatar). I've had a few PRS' I didn't "bond" with. Not the fault of the guitar. We all like different things.
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    I’m getting OWNED on TGP!

    Oh, but "Tag knows tone".:p
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    Renewing Sig Club Membership

    I don't know. I'm in the same boat. Glad it's not just me.
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    Question about single cuts

    SCT all the way!
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    "General Discussion?"

    Not a hockey fan either, but "SLAP SHOT" is a good view for the Hanson (Hansen?) brothers, alone.
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    PRS #6 Pickups: They ROCK IMO!

    I owned a SCT Standard with #6s, and they suited that guitar well. My SCT 20th with a maple top, not so much. 59/09s are in there now. (avatar)
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    The relevance of PRS in Maryland

    That's what they all say
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    The relevance of PRS in Maryland

    Damn, I feel more than fortunate. I've shared scotch with Paul, had personal guitar/amp instruction tips from the people who've designed and built them, and have shared time at the experience events with nearly all of the top tier artists and endorsers. I'm just a regular guy. No talent or fame.
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    Name this color, but don’t butcher it

    Meister burger
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    Is VR gone?

    Or when cruising like Tom in my undies and socks.