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    Dispelling Tube Amp Myths

    Just read your expanded comments on this topic in the other thread about whether folks are considering switching to solid state. Completely understand your point and agree. A bunch of hoarders drained the supply.
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    Dispelling Tube Amp Myths

    Touché. I should’ve said current tube unavailability. You accept that the big Chinese plant burned in 2019 and has been reopened, yes? Is it debatable that the supply is markedly less than it was before that? Not trying to be a jerk. Just trying to clarify what you are saying.
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    Dispelling Tube Amp Myths

    Paul Rivera used an approach to lower damping factor on the Class A/B amps he designed for Yamaha in the early 80s. Not sure whether that was before or after Marshall. I have one, a G100-112, I bought used circa 1984. Gigged with it in college. It sat unused for many years. Bought some tube amps...
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    Are Narrowfield pickups bad? Same question with rotary switches.

    I had a narrowfield and additional toggle switch to control it (off-on-only middle) added by the PTC to my Paul’s Guitar a few years ago. Couldn’t be happier with the added sound options.
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    Help me pick my Birthday Guitar

    I bet you’ll be very happy. I have a PG that I picked up used for a great price several years back. I love it. But I love my SE HB II so much, that I might’ve just gone right for the SE PG if they had been available back then. The SE quality is just top notch. Looking forward to seeing pics and...
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    Help me pick my Birthday Guitar

    If you liked wide/fat, you might find that you struggle with wide/thin. I have a CE with WT, and it causes me discomfort to play. I’ve decided to sell it. If there’s anyway to play an SE with WT before you wife chooses, you might be glad you did. Of course, with a good return policy, you might...
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    Another fake but shop claims it is

    As my son said to me the other day, “It’s easier to scam people than to convince them that they’ve been scammed.”
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    Private Stock Friday

    Yes, I also would like an explanation. Don’t need to know the specific spell or incantation, just would honest confirmation that there is some kind of magic involved. At first, looks like a really intense quilt. Then it becomes 3-D. It’s gotta be more than spray paint, even if we’re talking...
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    Electric outdoors

    I gave up caring about low slung guitars when I moved on from Kiss. Sling for comfort, I say.
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    Middle pickup suggestions for 58/15 HSH setup

    I had PTC install a Narrowfield 57/08 on my Paul’s Guitar as a middle pup. I think it sounds great with the Paul’s pickups. IIRC, that’s the Super Eagle middle pickup.
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    OK Guys, Where do you shop for a USED PRS?

    Reverb. I find their filters very helpful for “staying on task.” Lots of great shops post there as well as their own websites. The sellers of my two purchases were Chicago Music Exchange and Willcutt Guitars. I would check each directly, if I were looking for a new PRS.
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    pedalboard amp....maybe

    I'm hardly a road warrior, but I do own an Interblock 45. I think that it sounds very good. I generally play clean, and I like the sound of tubes. I like a tweed tone a bit more than a blackface tone. In other words, I like more mids with a slight raspiness to them than pure clean. The...
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    What A Wonderful World

    That sounds great! I must admit however, I stopped with about 20 seconds to go. I listened using Safari on my iPad. At the far right of the sound level graphic of the player, there’s a little avatar picture of the guy who commented to try to get you to use a promotions service to get...
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    Hollowbody questions

    That's a sharp looking guitar. When you take it camping, do bring along a little amp or just play acoustically?
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    Mayer and PRS embarrassed over Super Eagle?

    My guess was that the switch marked as the coil split neck is a 3-way that turns the middle off/on with neck, bridge, or both/only middle. The 3-way toggle on the upper horn would be the standard bridge/bridge and neck/neck. Between those two, all combinations of pickups would be available. I...