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    Any of you guys lead players/shredders?? And whats your guitar of choice?.

    I don't shred too much these day, but I do still have an original 1988 Peavey Vandenberg for when the mood strikes me.
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    Identify PRS Please

    That's just ... real bad. Sorry, hope you didn't pay too much for that?
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    What's your favorite PRS to play.

    Lately its been my 2008 Core Mira. For gigs my CU24 gets the most play, but lately I've been loving the feel and sound of the Mira again.
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    NGD, it came early

    Love it! Congrats!
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    What is this guitar?

    I agree with everything that's been said here, Custom 24 likely 90's. For me I would pick an early CU24 over anything new. Just something special about those guitars.
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    NGD Custom 24-08 cobalt blue

    Love that colour! Congrats.
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    Show Us YOUR Youtube Vids, Soundcloud, Band Webpage Links, Etc...

    Here is a bit of a fun compilation from a recent string of gigs ... mostly my CU24 and Mira with my band RadioActive.
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    New to PRS… Choosing model.

    Nothing wrong with the SE's, I own one and love it, but if you have the finances for a Core, or S2 or CE then I would recommend one great guitar rather than a few good guitars. My SE is great, but its not my CU24 or Mira core guitars.
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    I'm Back After 15 Years... with a NGD

    Congrats and welcome back!
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    Post your RARE PRS stuff!

    I don't know if it is "Rare" but I've not seen very many (and I have looked). 1992, CU24 in tear drop Scarlett Burst, 10 Top.
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    What percentage of your guitars are PRS?

    50% of total guitars ... but 100% of my gigging guitars are PRS.
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    I’m a new member.

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    NGD: SW SE Custom 24-08

    Congrats! Great colour!
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    Getting my first Core Custom 24 today!

    Congrats, I have a '92 CU24 and I love it, its my #1 ... And there was no PRS the year I was born ... but I did graduate high school in 1992 :):)
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    Favorite Discontinued PRS Guitars

    Core Mira (I love my 2008 model) Core CE24 .. original with the same carve as the CU24 and a bolt on neck Core Standard 24