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    Think PRS will ever make a Tele?

    I think this is an interesting point!! As for the 594, from my point of view (as well as MANY others) the Les Paul was "broken". Gibson was producing poor quality Les Pauls (not really the Custom Shop, but the assembly line guitars). For example, the headstock angle is a known issue causing...
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    The Elusive PRS...DGT?

    There is a copperhead / autumn sky burst DGT at Danville Music (my local shop) that is the nicest burst I've EVER seen on a PRS. When you walk into the shop, the PRS are all on the wall at the far end, and that particular guitar JUMPS off the wall versus all of the other PRS they have on...
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    Private Stock Friday

    Sounds fun. You know, it would be cool to play a little guitar at one of these shindigs. Does anybody have a guitar?
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    NGD. Short scale and RW neck make a camper happy

    That guitar is .....hideous. How can you even look at that thing? Letting that monstrosity into your home is only inviting problems. The only solution is to let me keep it for you. Your're welcome.
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    Your top R&D priority for Paul? Mine is ...

    Core model, carved top Vela; both plate bridge and trem models. 594 trem?
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    Private Stock Friday

    I'm SERIOUSLY considering a PS build.......... I'm not sure this will even be approved, but I'm thinking a ME V single cut; quilt top, black limba back, rosewood neck. I'm not sure of the color, but am leaning towards a sand storm glow or dragon's breath.
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    New song "Alone"

    Good stuff!!! Where did you get the images?
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    Found - Now What?

    I came across a song I started working on last year. My intention was to write lyrics and add a vocal part, but I never got around to it. I was listening to it today, and now I'm wondering if the song is actually finished as it is. It's not fully mixed..... It doesn't have a title. I was...
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    NGD - 2020 594 DC

    You're more than welcome!!! I know there's a lot of "facts" floating around about the Les Paul. I've only ever owned one. It was a gorgeous guitar I bought brand new. It was a 2013 Les Paul Standard, and I obsessed over the purchase for a while. I played 20+ examples of new Les Pauls before...
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    NGD - 2020 594 DC

    I did notice this, because this page is really good about sending notices..... The pattern vintage shape works for me; NOT because it's my preferred shape. It's actually my last choice. I think of the 594 as a Les Paul with modern solutions to the Les Paul's shortcomings. It plays and stays...
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    New Song - Attitude

    I edited the HBII part to give it a little bit of grit. I think I like the change, but I'm going to put this song away for a few days before I make any decisions. For my workflow I'll play with something for a few days, and as soon as I start getting obsessive over it I try to step away and...
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    Private Stock Friday

    Thanks guys!! Black Limba is now "on the list".
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    Those of you with a Vela

    Sorry I'm late to the party. I have a Vela that I bought as an impulse buy, and it has turned out to be an absolutely fantastic guitar. It has a punchy attack that I generally hear from a bolt-on neck guitar. I attribute this to the plate bridge. The Vela covers a lot of sonic territory, and...
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    Private Stock Friday

    What is this back wood? Do want!!! I'm thinking about ordering a PS, and this back wood would be what I want!
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    New Song - Attitude

    I didn't use the piezo at all. The clean guitar is just the output from the pickups. It does sound piezo like and is a bit squashed I like the clean tone better than the tone I had originally, but the more I listen the more I think the HBII part needs to be either: Keep the part as it is...