PRS @ Gold Coast Guitar Show in Roslyn NY

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Charlie, Jun 11, 2017.

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    hi all. Just got back from the Gold Coast Guitar Show. I visited the PRS booth and meet Peter from PRS. I played a few of the guitars; loved the 2017 McCarty 594. I had my 305 with me that I was thinking about trading in, but the price was still a bit high. Couldn't justify spending another $3k plus at this time :( . Peter was great - very informative. Need to add the 594 to my collection, unfortunately not today. Played a nice Godin, but turned off to the "richlite" fingerboard on a $1,700 guitar. Also played a nice Taylor T5 - $2,500 - liked the acoustic/electric combination. But, my heart is with PRS. Hey PRS, do you offer special discounts to a guy who owns 5 PRS core guitars :).

    Anyone else go to the show?

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