Zack Myers gig bag/Hard Case


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Jun 22, 2015
Upstate New York.
I use the Mono M-80 hybrid electric guitar case. It’s great for all of my guitars, whether single or double cut, solid or semi-hollow. PRS cases are great for storage, but not for lugging around. I have a couple of speaker cabs that are lighter than their cases! Lol.. The M-80 is the mid price one, but it’s about the same price as an average hardshell case, but without the weight. I also have one of the Gator‘s everyone else works fine, but I can’t fit all of my guitars in it, so the Mono is more flexible. ymmv


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Mar 7, 2023
Hi all,

I have a Zack Myers PRS and wanted to upgrade the gig bag to a hard case. Would a regular LP case work for this guitar? Can anyone recommend one that is budget friendly. Thanks!
So here’s the update: the fourth case I tried is the GWEACOU34 Hard Case for 3/4-Size Acoustic Guitars from Gator. I already have one for three-quarter size classical acoustic. I had tried that, and it worked last week.
However, when I received what I thought was simply the same case yesterday I saw that it’s actually shorter than the other one and I had to switch the two guitars so each would have a nice fit.
Therefore, if I had to do it again, I might choose a full-size heart acoustic case.