Zach Myers Stock Electrics


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Mar 21, 2021
Can anyone help me figure out the component values / types in my 2021 ZM? I want to know so I can plan out upgrading some bits...

I'm going to assume all four pots are 500k, but are they going to be linear or audio taper? I measured the resistance on the tone pots today, they were 500k, but I don't think I can get a resistance reading off the volume pots without desoldering them.

Also, the tone caps..? I can't see any markings on them. Are they going to be a 0.022uF or 0.033uF? Again, with my multimeter at least, I can't measure unless I desolder them.

Cheers for any pointers!
Read the pots: it tells you, specifically. A500k is audio/log taper, 500k ohms. B500K would be linear taper, 500k ohms. Grab a multimeter, aka VOM (volt/ohm meter). If you don’t want to decider the stripe values on resistors or do the math on capacitor labels, just use a multimeter and round to the next logical value. Capacitors have standard values you can Google. The cap in your ZM probably reads .033 or something like that. The pots will be audio taper. Dig in there and read them!