Zach Myers pickup recommendation


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Mar 11, 2020
Hey everyone. I'm looking for a pickup recommendation for my SE Zach Myers. Or maybe not. I already 75% love the way it sounds, but here's what I'd like to achieve if possible. First of all, it sounds mostly fantastic both with a decent amount of gain and clean, so I don't really want to radically alter the way it already sounds - I'm not really looking for "more vintage" or "more modern" or higher or lower output. But I would like to be able to achieve 3 things if possible, and if I end up with either more "vintage"/"modern" or higher/lower output, that would be fine.

1. On the neck pickup, with a clean tone, I would like to have more clarity, particularly in the lower mids, and especially when I roll the volume back.

2. On the bridge pickup, again with a clean tone, I'd love to be able to have a *little* more "spank and "twang" and a little less "honk" if that makes sense. I mean, I know we're talking humbuckers here, and it's not going to sound like a tele bridge no matter what I do, but I'm not after that, in this particular guitar.

3. Finally, I'd like to be able to find pickups that have a good split sound individually and combined.

Some stuff I've heard and liked:

I really like the sounds of 85/15 and 85/15S in the (SE/S2/USA) Custom 22 Semi Hollow. I've heard some clips of Dragons or Dragon 2's in a Zach Myers that I also like.

Also looking at Dimarzio 36th, Suhr Thornbucker, Tom Anderson HC1/2, Fralin Unbucker, and maybe as a dark horse entry, Fender Shawbucker or Double-Tap because I've always loved HH Tele's.

And finally, for pure vanity's sake, which is a notion that I am willing to abandon, I'd like to have covered pickups.

So I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts. Thanks!
This might not be the sexiest recommendation you’ll hear, but the one pickup set that exemplifies exactly what you’ve described is the Starla pickups (or whatever name they have now). They’re leaner and less mid focused, articulate, and KILLER when split. You could probably find a set of the “S” version fairly cheap, or go for a USA set if you want.
I just listened to some Starla clips for the first time. Sounds amazing. Too bad the pickups aren’t really available...
Ah ha. There's stuff that's available on the EU site that's not available on the US site and vice versa (and the EU site apparently doesn't ship to the US). But I do love the sound of Starla, which I hadn't discovered before. Which is why I posted this in the first place. Keep em coming, please!
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Good topic. I managed to wait a while for a Zac Myers to come along where I really loved the exact shade of green, flames, etc. (speaking as a designer/artist, the ZMs really offer lots of visual variety, and I guess that I’m kinda picky). Finally found a real beauty on Reverb, a nice deal, already modded with Seymour Duncan Antiquities. Knowing that lots of folks seem to upgrade the ZM’s stock pickups, I figured, hey, why not try these?

Turns out that I love the Ants in my ZM, so “talkative” and articulate! Fabulously responsive to every position on the Volume knob. Definitely on my short list for favorite pickups on anything, anywhere. (Sorry, can’t comment on splitting since I’m so entirely happy with the usual humbucker function that I have zero plans for ever modding the Ants.) Also, I play 95% of the time overdriven, but often do roll the Volume down to where the guitar cleans up really beautifully, at least for my own purposes. (IOW, look elsewhere for more exact comments on really clean settings.)

(Side topic non-PRS endorsement: I later also managed to pick up a fantastic Eastman SB 59/v, stocked with the same Antiquities. WOW.)

Anyway, SD Antiquities... most highly recommended in a Zac Myers—all IME and IMHO, of course. Hope this helps.
I recommend low output PAF pickups. They will generally give more clarity and split well.

i can also recommend Tom Anderson pickups. H1, H2. They are super clear and split very well.

i love my 58/15 set, but they are underwhelming when split.
I just installed a Dimarzio 36th neck and a Dimarzio Fortitude bridge in my ZM, and I am really enjoying the guitar with this setup. I can play anything from blues to metal with it.
Yes I have admired the Zach Myers for a long time and like you waiting for the right flame / shade.

Re the pick ups, could I suggest try adjusting heights and polepieces first. You may find that this could get you close to what you are aiming for - costs nothing and means you'll get to bond a bit more with a great guitar.

Also, if you do change pick ups you'll have a working starting point for setting up the new ones.

i'm the owner of a beautiful ZM2VS (again...i already owned the first ZM TG), and i own a Seymour Duncan sh1B someone gave me.
Would you keep the ZM stock pickup or is the SH1B a great improvement ?
I'm still thinking about it because the stock pickups are not bad and i'm not sure the Sh1B will be powerfull enough for blues/rock (think ZZ top, Bonamassa).

Thanks for any help.