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    Definitely a tone chaser and someone who thinks tone is very important and hold controversial/polarizing opinions on where it all comes from (I believe the gear plays a huge part in the tone and don't buy the whole gear doesn't count or matter thing) and my approach but I'm a tribute/cover band guy and my thing is note for note covers and copying the tones from each of the players and researching what they used.

    I was never a songwriting guy or a creative person, my niche was always duplication and recreation or being a mime, or in musical terms, a jukebox or encyclopedia of songs. My thing is blues, classic rock, country rock, and modern country (that sounds like classic rock). Always more of the raw bluesy guy than a technician though, more like Jimmy Page or Joe Perry than EVH or Satch.

    Rather than hauling out a ton of amps and guitars, I normally use a biiiig pedalboard instead. So on a song where I'd use a JCM800, I have a clean foundation amp like a Super or Twin Reverb, and then kick on a Marshall In A Box pedal. I believe AIAB pedals are at their very best and in a blindfold test would be hard to tell which is which, so it saves me from hauling amps out. I can take a humbucker guitar that's versatile like my CU24, and a single coil guitar like a Tele or Strat and do the whole gig and nail everything, which is important to me.
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    The only tone I've chased was George Lynch's from the Breaking the Chains album. I had it for a bit, but then got tired of it.

    Since then, I've chased textures - trying to figure out how I can fit in a sonic landscape and convey a similar emotion to the original artist. It's worked out pretty well for me - I've played with a few different bands in different styles and found a way to fit in with pretty simple gear. A few pedals, a good amp, and a good guitar, and I'm normally OK for most gigs.

    My tone is normally clean, with the ability to add some dirt. If it's a jam session, I may take one OD pedal. If it's a gig, I may take 2 that will stack. If it's a band I'm in, I'll have a channel switcher and OD to give me 4 levels of gain. Again, for me it's about textures rather than nailing a tone.
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    I do for sure. For gain, my benchmark has always been the early EVH Brown Sound. Check out the Plexi Mod 5 clips:

    I got a modded amp that NAILS it. It's still my favorite amp by a long shot. But now, I back the gain off a bit, and pump the Bass a bit. (Ed's early tone was kind of bright.) It packs a wallop. That's MY tone. And I can back the gain off more and get a great JTM-45 on steroids.

    Now if I could just get that sound recorded...
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