Your practice routine?


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May 16, 2024
Greetings, newbie here with first post. I’ve been struggling to stay focused when I practice. I’m sure that’s pretty common. I would finish and then realize I hadn’t accomplished a damn thing other than noodling around. So I’m committed to following a new simple routine.

My routine has these elements, not in any order. I allot about 10 minutes on each section. MY goal is to make sure I have hit all the sections beginning with whichever section I’m attracted to that day.

–Scales (solos over a backing track or with a metronome) Two scales each week, a major and a minor from same key. I’m into blues, so this week it’s A major and A minor pentatonic.
–Circle of 5ths, one chord family for the same key. A major and A minor. Rhythm with metronome. Learn all positions on the fretboard for that family.
— 2 Licks each week, more if I have nailed the first 2. Licks this week A major and A minor.
__ Choice- either strum along with a song or learn 1 new strum pattern. Rhythm with metronome.
— Song of the week.

So NO set order. Start with what section feels good that day, but complete all the sections. Practice is casual not boring. In other free time (retired), explore theory, etc… stuff you can do without a guitar.

At the beginning of each week, look back at what I’ve accomplished and forward to what I want to do next week.

After getting sucked down the YouTube rabbit hole of teachers, I’ve picked 3 guys that I can relate to and avoid the rest.
What’s your routine or practice philosophy?