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Apr 26, 2012
FredVegas Virginia
Now here is where the fun begins! modulation pedals, pedals that you intentially use to color your tone. For me the journey has gone on for 15 years I was never really happy with any pedal I used until I got a Wampler Nirvana which right now is covering all my needs right now.

So what are you using?
I just ordered a Strymon Mobius. It should be at my house tomorrow or Saturday at the latest. I have drifted from one modulation pedal to another for like 10 years, hoping this scratches the itch that no others were really able to do for me.

Boss CE-2 chorus
Dunlop Rotovibe
Voodoo Labs micro vibe
Lovepedal vibe
Line 6 M9
Line 6 M5
Boss Phase shifter
...those are just the ones I remember.
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I tried some Modtone Mini pedals, distortion, chorus and delay, a couple of years ago because they were cheap and easy to add to my board because of their size. I am still using them and very happy with them. Like ice cream, pick what flavor suits you!
I like the Analogman Chorus. It's been on my board for a long time now. Sounds great both clean and distorted. Plus there are lots of options when you order so you can readily customize to meet your specific needs.
I always liked the Visual Sound H2O. That being said, I've never really gotten along with chorus pedals.
I've been happy with the TC Corona

+1 for the TC, especially for the price. With the mini toggle down (tri-chorus mode) and the knobs all around 12:00 you get just enough to add a little depth without over-chorusing. And there are some pretty cool toneprints available (I like Paul Gilbert's chorus the best so far).

Would love to get my hands on an Analogman (love my KoT) or a Red Witch though...
Besides country dudes, who really uses a chorus pedal? And what kind of stuff do you use it for?

The pedal dedicated to chorus on my GT6 has the rate and speed turned down to zero so it's really just a 40. millisecond delay. I could see using chorus on bass or vocals, but for guitar it's my least used modulation effect.
Besides country dudes, who really uses a chorus pedal?

I use modulation effects - often chorus - on just about everything I record, often set very low in the mix, but sometimes set higher in the mix and at thicker, more modulated settings, and I have a few favorites I've used over the years. This goes the gamut from clean tones to higher gain tones. All three of the tracks on the recent Cadillac ad I posted in another thread have chorus, including the high gain stuff I then ran through a chopper type tremolo setting and a Moog style filter.

I like the swirl and movement that modulation imparts.

My current pedalboard revolves (pun intended) around an Eventide Mod Factor. I've used a lot of Eventide H3000 rack effects in my studio, and I think this pedal sounds darn good even against the old H3000 D/SE that was a killer box.

The Mod Factor sounds a little less "digital" to my ear, and that has always been the case with Eventide algorithms. They sound warm to me. The pedal is very quiet for a digital box, has true relay bypass that you can turn on or off if you need it to buffer the signal, and the editing parameters are very well thought out and very, very deep. There is a good computer librarian for it as well. It's really good enough to use as a studio box, stereo in and out, and switchable to line or instrument level for different kinds of work. Built like a brick house.

I like the TC stuff as well, though in front of the amp I hear more noise, and I don't use effects loops.

In analog pedals, I've had the Analogman and the old Fulltone choruses, and loved them both. Heck, I like the Boss chorus, though I don't have one on hand. Let's see...I've also had the Electro Harmonix stuff (loved it) and the Visual Sound (nice, too).

I've had a few choruses that were stinkers, but let's not go there.

The Mod Factor has the single best collection of modulation effects I've heard, and the rotary speaker effect is absolutely the best on the market - in terms of what suits my taste (I'm also a keyboard player and have had Leslie Speakers, so I want to get close to that kind of tone). I have heard the Strymon and it's very nice, too, though it's a little less organic to my ear than the Eventide. Still, I'd rock one for certain things I'm sure.

All this stuff is so personal, there isn't a "best" thing. And all of the tools work well for different things, so it's nice to have choices on hand.

I don't play much country. But if I did.... ;) Yeah. I'm that modulation effect guy.
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My favorite chorus ever was one the Arion (CE-1s?) that I ordered from Carvin for $25 in like 1986. I stupidly gave it away in the early 90's because after all, it was a pedal and everybody knew then that rack gear was... y'know, better!
My favorite is the DLS. Chorus-Vib. It sounds great. I'd like to try the Strymon.