You Know What's Inside Has To Be Good When...

Carl! You did NOT just post that on a public forum??!! No way. You didn't! Oh...just went back and checked...and you did. Oh, the unrealistic expectations you just set up for the youth of today. You are no better than the dude that created Barbie. (And must have been a dude! I"m so sure I'm not even going to google it.) Well, OK, hope you can live with yourself - and that you enjoy the heck out of that guitar!! I'm going to go play with Barbie dolls now...
It's bad enough that I'm babysitting an watching Mr Tumble putting his hand into his spotty bag without taking her to the clinic... But then Carl springs this beauty on here.
Really sweet guitar Carl
Wow, we've got squirting, and nipple clips, and atomic bangin' Glad I could help incite such debauchery ;). THANKS.

Hey what's up with the two lines on bottom of the middle pickup?

If I see what I think you are seeing, those are the the edges of the Narrowfield pickup. They are actually like little shallow steps for each pole, highest in the middle following the radius of the fretboard.
Gobsmacked. Absolutely freaking gobsmacked.







It cannot get better then this new guitar!
I love the stinger! Great added touch, along with the body-bird! ;)
Congratulations, and enjoy it immensely.
I was just headed to need now.

Ultra sweet as sweet score Carl!
I love the little flourishes, the heel cap, the inlaid backplate and the headstock stinger!

Nicely done! was all the Madmen from Hamden and the PRS folks. GENIUS. All I did was fall in love, and sell a bunch of stuff so I could get it :)
I'm a huge fan of the matching covers on the back. A friend on mine who is into woodworking made me covers for a mahogany J Custom. But the spalted is unique for sure.

Very cool Ibby...dig the covers! They match damn near perfectly.

The entire back of PS6121 is actually one piece of black limba - with some very very cool stuff going on in it.

The artistry of how they actually cut the wood out and make the continuous backplates amazes me.

Woah... I have no words...

Although lately I've had a serious case of GAS, everything has been beautiful... Probably because I just won a years worth of rent, so I'm wondering what I could possibly do without that chunk of money going out every month, lol
Jaw Dropping.......just fabulous. Wow.........holy .............mother.......of .....for crying out loud.....what a guitar.

Clips coming soon?