You Knew they would do this at some point! Aged 594 now at GTRMAV

I chose to address this here in the open because it has not been discussed or reinforced for a while.

I mistakenly said that there is one exception to the leniency of allowing people to voice negative opinions such as this. There are actually two.

Threads by authorized dealers in this section;
NGD (New Guitar Day) threads by members.

In either case, if you disapprove or just don't like what you see, just move along to another thread.

It's not the kind of thing that lands anyone in hot water, it's just an encouragement not to rain of some other's parade.

That's a GREAT policy, because there's usually not more mountain top level moments than a buyer with a new baby, and a dealer with what they feel like is a really great piece of artwork to sell. Showering negativity on these two is basically raining on their passionate parade of life!