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    Jan 16, 2013
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    I'm very excited to announce that I’m officially a Jamtrackcentral.com artist!! My first package "The 20 Prominent Metal Licks" was released this week!!!


    Download Link: https://jamtrackcentral.com/store/ja...nt-metal-licks

    Inside the package you will find plenty of lines with key changes, substitutions and various rhythm groupings. The licks utilize a wide variety of techniques like
    alternate picking, sweep picking, economy, tapping, hybrid picking and legato. Finally you will find lines with melodies and sequences from the major modes,
    the harmonic minor modes, the melodic minor modes, and the symmetric scales.

    PS: Regarding the sound, I used my PRS custom 24-dragon II pickups, a mesa triaxis in a tsakalis poweramp, and a mooers green mile as a booster.
    The effects come from a TC electronic G force.I used 2 mics-sm57 and a AKG perception 120.

    Feel free to check it out!!:)

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