can break an SM57


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Nov 23, 2015
QCA Iowa is possible to break an SM57.

From a height of less than 4 feet, my wife dropped one on a ceramic floor. It broke the plastic top off and somehow destroyed the element. Broke broke.....I put it back together but it's broke.

Cool thing....she didn't have an issue with me just ordering a new one. Sure, I could order parts to repair it....but I just don't have the time. New mic day coming soon!!!
The one I had years ago disintegrated. The metal tube part cracked in multiple places and fell apart. I guess there was some kind of flaw in the metal.

Still worked, though. I had it held together with duct tape.
I have a 58 that is older than dirt. I have used to bang in nails for stage banners. It still works.
I am putting my studio back together. Does anyone have any experience with the Neuman TLM193?
I used to have some BLUE mics. I liked them.